Welcome Party and Dinner

Hi Everyone 
I am getting a few inquiries regarding the dinner. 
It is important to RSVP to both our events; 

Welcome Party, Performance Presentation and Top Dog Parade on the Friday night. We need numbers for catering purposes. 

The Dinner 
The dinner tickets are limited due to space so we also need to know numbers. 
This can be paid 3 ways. 
1. With your easy dog entries 
2. with your snail mail entries 
3. direct deposit into our National account. 

However we need the form filled out with the numbers attending both or one event. 

Please note on the form how you are going to be paying as per the 3 options above. Either snail mail or scan the form back to the email address on the form. If snail mail please email the same address and we will provide the address. 

If you have already done this thank you!

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