Breeding Information and Recommendation

The Weimaraner Club of Victoria fully supports and recommends to all Weimaraner Breeders that before you contemplate in mating your Bitch that she has a “Weimaraner Genetic Test”.

This test is made up of three specific components which will indicate any mutations in the bitch ie. Hyperuricosuria (HUU), Hypomyelination (HYPM) and Spinal Dysraphism (SD).


Hypomyelination (HYPM) in Weimaraners

Hypomyelination in Weimaraners leads to tremors during puppyhood that often resolve by 3-4 months of age.

Spinal Dysraphism (SD) in Weimaraners

Spinal dysraphism (SD) in Weimaraner dogs is a genetic disorder present at birth that results from faulty embryonic development, leading to an abnormal gait as well as weakness and lack of coordination in the rear legs.

Hyperuricosuria (HUU)

Hyperuricosuria is an inherited disorder characterized by elevated levels of uric acid in the urine that can lead to the formation of bladder/kidney stones.


For full detail information on Weimaraner Genetic test results, please go to;

This page contains the WCV INC. Stud Dog Register, any listing of Breeding Kennels and any Litters that are currently available.

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Breed Information 

For information regarding litters, please contact WCV Secretary Michael Yeo on 0422 446 996 or use the Contact Us Page

Registered Breeders

Bromhund Kennels
Phone: (03) 9315 1329

Fyreside Kennels
Phone: Mob - 0407 332 479

Grauhund Kennels
Phone: (03) 5428 6261

Greywei Kennels
Phone: (02) 6026 5352

Nambeapark Kennels
Phone: Mob - 0447 992 948

Weischoice Weimaraners 
Phone: Mob - 0423 970 656

Shadezofgrey Kennels

Phone: Mob - 0440 677 315