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Members Advice Letter dated 14th August 2021

Subject: Club’s Financial and Membership Period.


It has come to the committee’s attention that there may be some confusion in relation to the Club’s membership period.

At the November 2020 AGM a motion was put forward and carried to change the Club’s Financial year. The original period ran from October 1st to September 30th which was changed to the new period, July 1st to June 30th. With this change the membership period also changed. For members to remain current membership fees should be paid by the 31st of July each year.


However due to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed over the past twenty months the committee has suspended the July 2021 fee payment until July 2022 for all current members.


The Club’s Constitution under Part-1 section-3 will be amended to reflect the above. We hope that this will clear up any confusion that members may have had.


For and on behalf of the Committee


Suzanne Thomson

Suzanne Thomson Club President