The Weimaraner is a highly intelligent dog and responds well to obedience.
Even just incorporating a few basic commands into your daily routine, e.g. Sit, Come, Stay, will ensure a much more rounded dog that fits happily into your household.

If you wish to expand further with obedience, there are many obedience clubs around Victoria.
For an obedience club near you go to,
Go to heading "Get Involved" and then click on Obedience.

The Weimaraner Club Of Victoria Inc does not hold regular obedience classes, we do however hold a yearly Double Obedience Trial. ( Please look on our Calendar for dates.)

Hopefully, we will be holding an Obedience Demonstration at our next Weimfest, details will be included in the club’s magazine in the New Year.

If you think you and your dog are both ready to enter an obedience trial, you will need to know the Rules and Regulations.
These are available at the website of the Australian National Kennel Council at and click on the link to Obedience Rules.

There are 5 Levels of Obedience.
Starting with C.C.D. C.D, C.D.X, U.D and U.D.X.
To gain a title from each of the above levels, you need 3 passes under a different judge for each level.

Obedience is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people and gain friendships along the way for both you and your dog!