National Update

  • Exhibitor booklet is currently being put together and will be available soon! 
  • Exhibition area MAP will be outlined in this booklet it is important that people camping on the grounds only use the dedicated off lead areas to exercise dogs.  Please NOTE we do not want dogs exercised in performance areas. 
  • Entries close on the 7th April please get your entries in on time any issues please give Kim Bourke a message or phone call. 
  • When entering please remember ONLY dogs over 18 months will be graded so if a dog is entered in either Aust Bred or Open class under this age they will NOT be graded.  Dogs under 18 months will get a grading of Promising or Very Promising. 
  • All Sires and Dams MUST be entered with entries to be in the Property class’s. Please just enter the Sire and Dam progeny DOESN’T need to be entered they can be nominated on the day. 
  • Breeders Team MUST be entered with entries this can be done in the extra’s section of easydog entries 
  • All advertising MUST be submitted with close of entries on the 7th April. 
  • The club will have lovely individual critique certificates available for purchase as well as full critique books, order forms to come. 
  • Last chance to order a marquee these will be closed off on the 1st April. 
  • Donations any pledged donations can we please have these by 1st April. 
  • There will be both coffee and food van on the grounds over the weekend more info to come on what they will have available. 
  • Raffle tickets are still available for purchase contact Carol Wright.

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